Monday, February 22, 2010

Blogs Vs. Wikis

Blogs and Wikis are almost same however each of this are slightly different and have several advantages over each other.

Blogs are like a personal online journal, one entry per day and it appear in sequence as they are written. Typically it is written by single author, opinion based, limited knowledge and it is only edited by the single person. Blogs grows slowly, basically one post at a time. Discussion in blogs are like in a comment forms and blogger have options to delete the comments. The setup for blogs depends on the chosen solution. Many solutions require regular security updates. Publishing very easy, some html knowledge useful.

Wikis are collaborative websites and it can be edited by anyone who has access to it. Wikis have many collaborators with different experiences. Knowledge comes from community of dozens or even thousands of topic experts. Wikis grows rapidly every hours of the day. The material are constantly updated with sources. Content is categorized and up to date. The setup for wikis ranges from easy to setup to very difficult, depending on chosen solution. Most of the solutions take care of themselves. Publishing very easy, no html needed on some platforms such as wetpaint.

Both, the blogs and wikis information organized is different. There purposes are somehow different. Their collaborators are different.

Comment on the importance of convergence in today's networked world:
Because of internet, people from all over the world share their opinions and views to achieve goals in life or to solve problems. Technologies performs major role in this to achieve certain goals in life. For example, Oovoo,or AIM, or Skype are the software/applications which allows us to stay in touch with people all around the world by just having internet.

How can blogs be used for collaboration?
Blogs can be used for collaboration where different individuals can post his or her ideas about a certain topics. Blogs are tend to be more personal and one entry per day where blogger can collaborate. Colleges can use blogs for collaboration between professors and students or group of students can use and collaborate about their finding on the research that they're doing. Students can create blogs about buying or selling old books in campus.

Can you think of a new use for a wiki that has not been done yet?
As we all know that wiki is one of the most powerful online tool used by people all around the world to access information. Colleges can use wiki for rules and regulations about colleges/universities, what programs their offers, give access to students to input their opinion about topics, teachers can use wikis for their class instead of blackboard because we know that blackboard is not reliable, businesses can use wikis for their employee. There are many more things that has not been done yet in wiki but these are the things that i believe can be a new use for wiki.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Old Vs. New Media

Old media is disappearing quickly as a result of new media. Something which was new such as TV is now old media because the old style big televisions are replaces by the new LCD’s. However this is still part of our society. Also newspapers and magazines which was new form of media when it was introduced are now considered old media because of World Wide Web. Buying song CD’s are replaced by buying your favorite song online. Before we use to carry maps to go around, now GPS is our most reliable friend. Wireless keyboard or mouse, flash drive, Laptops, IPods, iPhone, podcasts, Second life, YouTube, blogs are all part of new media in which we somehow deal with it every day of our lives. There are certain benefits of new media over old media such as who can view the material, the price, space, speed of the information flow, and so on. For example, TMZ is a new form of new media. They were the first one to release Michael Jackson’s heart attack news on their web site. The information was spread worldwide in a second. Another example is when you place an ad in newspaper, it is only seen by local newsreaders and it is expensive to place ad. However, because of internet, your ad can be viewed by other internet users who lives oversee at cheap or no cost. However there are certain disadvantages of new media such as you sometime have no control over what others sees or what we sees such as review about product or service. Companies have no control over this. For companies/businesses, new media is sure a new form of revenue generator.

My Term Paper : Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking

My topic for the term project is Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking. Many if not for most of us, Social Networking has become part of our life. It is a new way of daily communication for young adults. One way or another, young adults spends enormous amount of time on internet than any other activates. No doubt new media makes our lives much easier, faster, we learn a lot everyday something new, we get to meet new people, great for business meetings, can join network of our interest, we get to express ourselves in much better way, and so on. However, is it safe to interact online? Many of us give out personal information on the web site without knowing if those information are protected or not, how will those information be used, who will use it and so on. Most of the time on social networking sites, we do not have control over information flow. Also sometime we give out false information on social networking sites like facebook, Friendster, hi5, and so on to protect ourselves or think that oh it will only viewed by friends, however nowadays most of the companies search for individuals record online to check their background and etc. This might cause you that job or might get fried. These are the few advantages and disadvantages of social networking that I will be talking about in my term paper.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What is New Media?

If someone asks you, What is New Media? Sometime its hard to answer some questions but the easiest way to answer this question is by just telling him/her Facebook, Wikis, Youtube, and Blogs. And I am sure they will understand what you meant. Well That's how i understood in easy way when my Professor told us this three things in class. However according to one of the website New Media is defined as an "interactive forms of communication that use the Internet, including podcasts, RSS feeds, social networks, text messaging, blogs, wikis, virtual worlds and more". One of the greatest things about new media is how the public is able to get up-to-minute coverage about nearly anything in the world. In my New Media class i learned that New Media composes of 5 C's: Communication, Collaboration, Community, Creativity, and Convergence. As we all know that until late 90's the primary source of media was print newspapers and magazines, and radio which is also known as old media. However in past few years, we can see the transformation from old media to new media. To name few, New media includes: Web sites, streaming audio and video, chat rooms, e-mail, online communities, Web advertising, DVD and CD-ROM media, virtual reality environments, integration of digital data with the telephone, such as Internet telephony, digital cameras, and mobile computing. Most of this New Media is free if not it is really cheap, easy to access from anywhere in the world, relatively easy to communicate for any kind of reason and its fast. One of the article that i was reading for the class states that, people don't need cable nowadays because "the major networks and many other broadcasters have made it easy to find their shows free online". Another interesting thing that i read in that article and experienced was: " demands viewers be engaged, requiring them to click a button to continue watching the program after an ad ends...I was forced to sit through a 30-second commercial — and click — to find out whether Mike Delfino actually died from smoke inhalation on “Desperate Housewives.” It’s only 30 seconds I figured (and I can watch the countdown) which kept me in my seat".

I personally felt that New Media is a new way of doing business too. Above example is the great way to explain this. People are forced to watch that 30 second commercial and in that 30 seconds you have to convince your customer to buy your product or service and not from your competitors. It is one of the best way for organization to maximize their profit and they are taking full advantages of new media. Placing ad's where ever they can such as social networking, chat rooms, watching shows online, e-mailing and so on.

New Media somehow makes our lives easier but we should also not forget the risk that are related to it.