Thursday, March 10, 2011

Turned 22!

March 10, 1989 was the day i stepped into this world. And today, i turned 22! YAY, feeling old!!! lol As usual, my birthday is in the midterm week so basically studied for midterms, it was raining to took rain shower as well, went to hunted house, and basically had fun with friends.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Start of Spring Semester 2011!

Today is the first day of my spring semester. Taking 3 classes but its all upper level graduate (capstone) courses. I only have school Tuesday and Thursday. Workload is a lot since its capstone courses but its mostly team work. Professors seems pretty good, let's see how my last semester of undergrad goes. Graduating in MAY!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter break!

Currently winter break is not going that well due to snowstorm. heavy snow piles are all over the road and sidewalks. Pretty cold as well. Therefore, staying home, reading book, watching tv, and drinking a lot of tea!!!! waiting for spring semester to start. Yes its my last semester of undergrad. woohoo!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

End of Fall 2010 Semester!!!

Fall semester has finally ended! i must say that i survive pretty well even though i took 6 classes! At times, it was hard to handle the work load, however it was manageable. Finals week was crazy because had 3 finals in one day back to back. And team papers were pretty interesting because for some i had an options to pick topic and some i didn't. Overall, my experience taking 6 classes were amazing. If i have to recommend fellow classmate or friends to weather take 6 classes in one semester or not, i would say DO NOT TAKE IT, unless you really really have to.

Monday, November 1, 2010


This semester needs to end already! Can't handle the work load now. Taking 6 classes per semester is not an easy especially when some of the professors are not good at teaching. Staying up every night to keep up with the work load is killing me but i guess its all worth it at the end. About a month more than done with the semester. let's see how it goes!

See ya!

Friday, July 30, 2010

update about my summer

So far, i have been enjoying my summer. Went to Poconos, dorney park, Washinton, west virginia, and Camping. Its been great. I am loving it just like McDonald. LOL . Weathers been okay, sometime its hot, sometime it rains and sometime its both but nothing can stops me from enjoying my summer.

Camping was fun for me. I finally had chance to spend time with all my friends. it was one hell of an time. It rained but we didnt let it ruin our vacation. Playing vollyball, basketball, football (vince broke the water thingy and the water was constantly coming, no way to stop it LOL. Swimming, taking bath in Delaware River. Hiking, few friends were left out because they left little bit early but...

Everyone cooking together was fun, seating near fire at night, playing crazy drinking games at night (it was fun for me because i don't drink and being only the sober one there watching all drunk people act weird is the most enjoying part).

In Poconos, went horse riding, gun shooting/shooting range, golf, camel beach, enjoyed 2 nights there. In Washington, visited all the Museums, and Monument ( All free, no fee for tickets). in Virginia, went to Krishna temple on mountain.

okay, I'll update rest later....

Monday, July 12, 2010

Grades are In.

So i have gotten my grades for both summer classes and i am very happy to see what i got. I got what i expected and it boosted my GPA.

Now its time to put books aside and ENJOY THE SUMMER!

Agenda for rest of the summer...West Virginia, Washington, dorney park, Hershey park, Poconos, Camping, Ohio, PA, Johns beach, rafting, boat ride, basketball mostly everyday at Vallie park and park drive, temple, shopping, eat, movies, and so on.