Wednesday, May 26, 2010

End of Spring '10

So, today i officially ended my spring 2010 semester. It is 7:45 AM. I pulled my last all nighter today for this semester. Just finished writing paper for Management class. It feels good to be over but than again, i am not so far away from going back to school. Yeah that's right, SUMMER CLASS. Oh man, June 2nd, which is next Wednesday i start my summer class. I am taking 2 classes, Spanish and Music. I hope that goes well. So i have 1 good week to enjoy it before i bust my A$$

By the way, i did really horrible in my Finance Final yesterday. It was really really bad, like i don't think the material we learned in class was on it. The questions were too long, was giving irrelevant information which confuses you like crazy and time consuming. anyways....

I am sleepy because i haven't slept whole night but yeah i don't wanna sleep because if i do than i am sure i won't be able to wake up til around 6-7PM which is bad because than i won't be able to sleep whole night and this cycle will continue so yeah, you got the point. lol

anyways, i just wanted to blog this since i haven't posted from last 2 weeks...

now off to park, run around little bit, come back, take shower, eat, and go outside?... C YA!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Someone's Else Project

I was very impressed by the presentation done by my fellow classmates and the topics they have picked. Three presentation that i personally liked a lot was:

1) "New Media and Teens" by Michael Chai
2) "Impact of New Media on Advertising" by Mobin Tariq
3) "Virtual Worlds" by Nadia Ayusheyeva

In Micheal's presentation, he discussed about how much media is exposed to teens and the causes of the uprising of new media in a teen's life. Teen spends great amount of time online about 8 hours a day by just looking at pictures, listening music, playing games, watching video and so on. About 24% time average teen between 8-18 year old, spend on SN and about 18% playing games. These impacts on their education, because these heavy user spends a great amount of time on SN and related work and does not focus on school work and therefore they do bad in school.

In Mobin's presentation, he discusses about the impact of new media on advertising. He discussed how before advertising was done in print publication such as newspaper, magazine and so on and still being done but because of increased in new media technology, it is more effective to advertise online. One of the reason is because it's inexpensive, increases revenues, you can directly connect to you market/consumer, and of course, global availability

In Nadia's presentation, she talked about the different perspectives of virtual worlds. She first discussed about the use of virtual world in educational field such as computer programing tutorials, colleges can have virtual libraries, they can have meeting spaces for online university courses, and can use for military training.

Than she moved on to discussed how businesses can use virtual world. Businesses can use virtual world for marketing, recruiting, meetings and collaboration, job training, and research and development.

Each presentation done by the students are very helpful. They each provides us unique information about how new media features are used today than in the past.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Term Project Presentation

It feels great that its finally over, however i did not present the way i had expected and planned i guess because i was suppose to go on Tuesday but i decided to go today instead. Well there is always next time.

So my presentation was about the "Use of Social Networking in the Work Place". First i talked about the social networking in general and then talked about the five different types of social networking services used today, to determine whether or not allowing employees to take part in these social networking activities at work could create problems.

Also i talked about the risks and downfalls related to using SN at workplace such as, bandwidth, liability, malware, and of course productivity. However, for each of these negative one there seems to be positive reason to use it such as for some businesses, the increased audience, web traffic, and overall consumer participation outweighs these concerns. Therefore, as a business owner it is up to you to decide which one is right for you and your business purpose.

Than i talked about the 5 different types of social networking sites that are being used by businesses and gave brief overview of each.

• MySpace: Perhaps considered the pioneer of social networking and this network is one of the largest out there, and its use in business is questionable.
• Facebook: A major competitor of MySpace, this network, once open to students only, tried to target a niche, but soon realized the power was in a larger market. Maybe better suited for business than its MySpace predecessor, one can still question its benefits.
• Twitter: An entirely different style of social networking as compared to the previous two, this social networking website is more of a productivity killer than any, though it has its benefits.
• Linked In: A newer social networking site on the scene, this one has a primarily business focus, and therefore is one of the safer ones to allow. The business focus helps control the audience and downplays the disadvantages of social networking.
• Windows Live Spaces: Microsoft’s attempt to jump in on the social networking, offering a variety of services and features, may or may not be good for business.

After explaining each SN sites mentioned above, i talked about their use in businesses and how can you as a business owner can take advantages of it and decided which one is more beneficial to you.

Later, i explained the pros and cons of using this SN at work place.

Finally, i concluded my presentation by brief summarizing the main point. :)